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Marshanda Video

Fantastic Marshanda on Youtube will be next gossips headline in the view days, in the couple video shoot take at Marshanda rooms, and i think the video recorded with web cam. But now the video has been remove by the uploader with "Marshandaofficials Youtube" id, and has a dozen video that average video shows Marshanda sing a songs.

Not only singing, Marshanda also dance. In one of the video titled 'Who Do You Think You Are!' He also berate his primary school friend.

“Gue tahu loe paling cantik, pinter. Gue approve loe kan sekarang di FB.”
In the video clips can be seen Marshanda so peeved, so he vituperate her friends.

So excited, now video-video have been gone from Youtube. Of course ID of the owner is a person who can remove them. The remaining four are now only a video trailer from the 'Kalau Cinta Jangan Cengeng' film and the video clip 'Bernafas Dengan Cintamu'.

Foto Bugil Marshanda

an this is some Marshanda quote from the video in youtube
“Gw pengen orang ngeliat gw bukan sebagai ‘Marshanda’ si artis, hidupnya bahagia, kaya, kaga pernah susah, etc. Krn itu salah,,, gw Sama Skali ga kaya gitu… hidup gw ada rusak2nya juga… so im sh…”
This is the two of Marshanda Youtube Video clips ;

is she use drugs? hmmm.... what do you think?

Foto Hot Intan Ayu Sexy

Since controversy Puteri Indonesia is worn swimming suit or bikini in Miss Universe event, many people have the opinion of each. It's a pro, but there is also the place level-if such is not necessary, followed by Indonesia, which still respects the traditional orient. Even so, Intan Ayu holds if the event Miss Universe and Miss World are still needed to convince the world about the culture and also security in the country.

"Still need to do to me. First, there may be some things that can be the face of Indonesia. Tasks they (and Puteri Indonesia Miss Indonesia) is more to tourism, to name a foreign country. Furthermore, Indonesia is currently a lot of problems," said Intan Ayu.

Intan Ayu
Intan Ayu Pamer Belahan Dada

Intan Ayu telanjang

Intan Ayu bugil

"Thus, the presence of Puteri Indonesia Miss Indonesia or to bring out the name of Indonesia. I give a little influence," Intan Ayu said.

Matter of controversy bikini, pesinetron this adolescent does not want to blame who. But if the rules committee of the Miss Universe has been applied as such, he felt it only fair.

"Apparel is a pool to show their bodies right? In addition to inner beauty, also must be shown outside the proportionally. From outside they must also be interesting, skins, all kinds. According to me personally should not be the problem," Intan Ayu explained.

Intan Ayu telanjang bugil
Foto Hot Intan Ayu

foto telanjang Intan Ayu

foto bugil Intan Ayu

Intan Ayu also feel proud to know when the representative of Indonesia, Zivanna Letisha Siregar, can sit in third position in the polls Miss Universe. "For over 15 most of this. If it had been three that have been extraordinary. We should be assessing, not only from the dress. I must be fixed eyes and looked," he said.

"Yes, as long as participants feel comfortable, he does not reduce the trust, and know how to bring two piece, it will look OK," augment him again

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