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Raline Shah Putri Sumut

alau Raline daughter of Rahmat Shah, but did not make women berparas' Bollywood 'is a little arrogant. Thus he is familiar with the friendly and unpretentious on anyone who chide and give him the congratulatory pehobi diving achieve this victory, two at a time. As a favorite of Princess and the Princess did in 2008.

RALINE Rahmat Shah was dag-dig-dug also, when did Princess 2008, dr. Beautiful Rahmaini choose between two beautiful women-standing front-of 8 other finalists. Once the second-hands berjemari times lentik owned Indah move. Briefly crown it would 'land' in the head Sandra Christy Manurung (runner-up 2), to briefly head Raline. Women with high body 171 cm is eventually try to pacify them with a good Mother.

Applause and cheers lamunannya split, it berbinar eyes and smile is very sweet, memacar excitement. Raline was speechless when the crown is not the move again. "Raline a smart and very friendly. He accelerates well to reach the crown of Princess 2008, "said Selly runner up 3 Princess Chinese descendants did in 2008. "I do not think the lines win, because I think I have been announced as the winner was a favorite of Princess Sumut 2008," he said in plain relatives.

Sarah Azhari - Rahma Azhari

Sarah Azhari TelanjangFoto Sarah Azhari Bugil

Foto Bugil Sarah Azhari

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Luna Maya Indonesian Hottest Model

Luna Maya Indonesian Hottest Model and movie star, Indonesian Mivie star and model, Luna maya sexy Photo
As a model and movie stars, the name Luna Maya is no longer foreign to the Indonesian public. Can even be, figure Luna Maya has become the icon terseksi artists in Indonesia. The name Luna Mayalah the most to be in the minds of most of the people of Indonesia when asked who the artist terseksi Indonesia at this time. Virgin birth is pretty frequent Guntur is also involved in social action outside activities keartisannya.
Fresh. Luna visible in the show stylishly Stop, modis, and elegant. Kepiawaiannya in the Mix and match clothing is Luna responses to open boutiques labeled 'LM's Hardware. A target and intelligent steps taken himself later if Luna is not working in the entertainment world. The reasoning that led to new and future.
Beautiful. I can not diingkari, mulatto girls Java Austria this always make people never stop to take.
Smart. Although Luna must leave from the university faculty and decide HI plunge in the entertainment world really diseriusi Luna. Provides more than 10 films and nominated for the Indonesian Film Festival category of Best Female player through the film ROOM, is the evidence. It has not become a classy performance for Luna. But Luna always optimistic he can soon.
Easy going. Luna and discover a simple and friendly, making it easy liked and accepted by the Indonesian public.

Shinta Nola - Orbit December 2008

Step in the entertainment world Originally in the modeling. Then continue on in the world in the fight some of the popular patron. Then a video clip for famous artists. Beauty was attractive to some producers recording as a singer. However, he refused because they do not match.Shinta Nola - Orbit December 2008, Shinta Nola Sexy Photo, Foto Sexy Shinta Nola, Shinta Nola Hot Photo, Shinta Nola Popular Magazine,Shinta Nola Shinta Nola Majalah Popluar


GITA SWARANTIKA - THE ART OF HAPPINESS, Gita is always a day-to-day with happiness. Although she always get the role of the internet fierce, but in, what is not the slightest aura radiated from the heady His characters are warm. In fact, Gita also ready to teach us how to be happy and love life ...
Although already appearing in some endeavors, it does not impede the Gita to complete education. Although it means he must sign in the kitchen as chef and a regular retreat from the world of entertainment, as Gita Hotel majors to take future. Now, after several months of work practices to undergo a heavy, sweet girl bloody sundae is ready to appear again in the entertainment world with a clutch Sarjananya degree.

Gita is always a day-to-day with happy. Although he always get the role of the internet fierce, but in, what is not the slightest aura radiated from the heady His characters are warm. In fact, Gita also ready to teach us how to be happy and love life ..
GITA SWARANTIKA On Popular magazine, majalah popular

Mery Natasya FHM Model

she have spent her life with no plan that is what happend when she doing her modeling job and photograph when she bought a camera at the city shopping center, once she was addicted to the camre sudenly one of the shop photogprapher offered her to be they model for the shop, since than she become the most wanted photo model artist and now she become our girl this month on FHM magazine.


Sheeren is one of exotic azza photo model she is very sexy model if you look at the very bottom of the picture you can between her leg, very nice and hot

Aura Kasih Sensual Photo

Aura Kasih Popular Magazine, Aura Kasih Sexy Photo, Aura Kasih, aura kasih Popular sexy photo..It's easy to fall in love on the young star voiced this tuneful. Both directly makes it an attractive woman decoy to know each eye ... "
Blend of beauty that is very soft, warm personality, the proportion of the body of the harmonious and talent that explode letup clear-the CONCENT aura of enchanting. Sanny Aura Syahrani has become a new woman in music Singapore universe. Located in the neighborhood, making our energy tersambar positive out of sukmanya. The presence also able to make you breathless moment, witness the beauty of prioritizing the dew

Aura Kasih On The Popular Magazine, she very hot and young rising star for indonesian Pop Singer. now she trying her luck at movie industries

Nadine Chandrawinata

Nadine Chandrawinata, sexy dan luar biasa

Sexy Legs

Her Eyes Is so Sexy

Begitu indah dan putih tubuh Nadine Chandrawinata

Oh Nadine, kusuka bola kembarmu! Kalau kau ingin main golf, kan kuajarkan kau "Hole in one".