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Raline Shah Putri Sumut

alau Raline daughter of Rahmat Shah, but did not make women berparas' Bollywood 'is a little arrogant. Thus he is familiar with the friendly and unpretentious on anyone who chide and give him the congratulatory pehobi diving achieve this victory, two at a time. As a favorite of Princess and the Princess did in 2008.

RALINE Rahmat Shah was dag-dig-dug also, when did Princess 2008, dr. Beautiful Rahmaini choose between two beautiful women-standing front-of 8 other finalists. Once the second-hands berjemari times lentik owned Indah move. Briefly crown it would 'land' in the head Sandra Christy Manurung (runner-up 2), to briefly head Raline. Women with high body 171 cm is eventually try to pacify them with a good Mother.

Applause and cheers lamunannya split, it berbinar eyes and smile is very sweet, memacar excitement. Raline was speechless when the crown is not the move again. "Raline a smart and very friendly. He accelerates well to reach the crown of Princess 2008, "said Selly runner up 3 Princess Chinese descendants did in 2008. "I do not think the lines win, because I think I have been announced as the winner was a favorite of Princess Sumut 2008," he said in plain relatives.