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How to become Cut Cynthiara Alona?

Started from the very young age of seventeen years old, she become a model for Lippobank and then Jamu Nyonya Menir, talent ocean park bsd.
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In the year od 2005 PLAYBOY Japan and Singapore offered Cynthiara Alona a cover for their magazines and it was a blast for both sides. Not to mention HER WORLD Indonesia bring her charms too in the same year.
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For 2006 it`s the turn for FEMALE Indonesia to cover Cynthiara Alona face and then continue the next year for POPULAR Indonesia
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From that moment, Cynthiara Alona name and face becoming very known and lots of TV Drama in Indonesia giving her a chance to be part of their stories such as for a role in Cat Women-Indonesia, Pintu Hidayah, Cinta Fitri, Cinderella, Sujudku, Cinta ABG and many more...
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It wasn't easy to become an artist but Cynthiara Alona very happy and satisfied with her hard work this is her dream come true and to be a star to make her families proud for what she is now.