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Nadia Saphira and Hot Movie

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Young actress of Nadia Saphira confess having no enough self confidence tastes to come up in adult film obliging the play " HOT ". scene

" I cannot imagine likely does love scene floodlighted [by] camera and looked on many film crew," said Nadia Shapira in Jakarta

Law Majors Coed in a private university in this Jakarta lays open, " Hot" scanelike in a few adult film made by sineas Indonesia is not thing easy. In consequence she hardly praises the players which able to do it.

" I am same cladding of Marsha Timothy in film MERAH ITU CINTA, there she opened clothes and only uses lingerie only. If me, surely has losed face once and unconvinced of x'self," says Nadia which played at in film COKLAT STROBERI and WHAT IS IT WITH LOVE?.

According to her, " hot " scene frequently is done player in adult films shouldn't be maked a fuss or censored on a rampage because the scene is essential part of overall of story.

" If the scene was unity from story and as according to copy, why no? According to me such scene not problem, more than anything else if its(the story and scenario is good, its(the players is with quality, and the reason precise," she said.

This stripper has not, a number of masterpiece films sineas Indonesia experiences finite cutting of few minutes by The Institute of Film Censor ( LSF) because presenting " hot " scene the player. For example film 3 DAY PERMANENTLY ( 2007), RADIT DAN JANI ( 2008), WOMAN HAS STORY ( 2008).

Nadia tells, even insufficient self confidence with " hot " scene , she is not allergic to film presenting romantic scene . She examplizes in the role as Key in film COKLAT STROBERI she smoochs with Nesta ( Nino Fernandez).

" For scene smoochs that is just I am think rather stripper, I also explains at old fellow that the scene only just few minutes and finally they can understand," said eldest child out of three having you that.

Nadia confess for such scene, she of course need to consult at both old fellows. Every film scenario promoted by stage manager to [him], usually through selection phase of old fellow.

" They follow share 20% in my decision making, while 80% is base on me," said Nadia.