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Vivian Alamsyah

Vivian Alamsyah, The Sexy Model Scenes presenter (LATIVI)

Vivian Alamsyah, Belenggu Cinta Laki-laki Posesif

Vivian Alamsyah Artis Indonesia Bugil is an Informational Webpage about Indonesian Celebrities. For many Indonesian Citizens in the US we are the sole source of information on society events in there homeland. You will find excessive information and reviews on the latest gossip and society events in Indonesia on this page. One of the most discussed topics on the internet right now are Artis Indonesia Bugil pictures that are found on many internet pages. Like any other reliable online publisher we refuse to show any of these pictures or link to them from our webpage. In our eyes these pictures are humiliating and represent a major thread to the privacy of Indonesian celebrities. Should you come along any page on the internet showing this kind of pictures or even movies please inform the authorities so action can be taken against it. Most Artis Indonesia Bugil pictures come from questionable sources in Seminyak, Legian, Bali and it remains unknown if there are genuine picture among the huge amount of fake pictures. Obviously there would be no reason for any celebrity to take this kind of pictures and then make them publicly available on the internet. Especially Indonesian celebrities are very concerned about there image and do everything to keep a clean image. Violating Indonesian laws could not just get them banned from broadcasting in Indonesia but might as well lead to imprisonment of several months.