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The Problem Of Sex, Dewi Sandra Help by The Rain

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Stands as Vicky which hypersex in first film of XL ANTARA AKU, KAU DAN MAK EROT do not make Dewi Sandra brought character Vicky in love life. Dewi confess in being in love more depend on mood and the heart which sometime arises when rain cold weather.

" Possibly we woman are more to mood times yes, thus there are it's the moment we will so but sometimes we don't want to be touched," says Dewi. " Situation chilled from the rains a few assisting, but not always effective because I think sex to come with romantism," her continuation when met in press confrence film XL in Planet Hollywood Jakarta, Sunday ( 03/02).

Touched about floods as induction from rain season knocking over some of Mother town regions yesterday makes Dewi to feel very disappointed because hitherto has not there are dissolution of precise for the problem.

"Very disappointed, ought to be governmental held responsible and puts thinking cap on this seriously because this is not merely Indonesia problem but also world," express Glenn Fredly wife.

"From my inmost subconsiousness, development stop of condomium or mall which we require is reboisation, and for garbage exhaust public at the place," she said.